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Observer Awards—2005

Presented at the 94th Spring Meeting, Las Cruces, New Mexico, March 26, 2005

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval      Total

Over 100,000 Observations
  Lewis M. Cook                         USA              1974-2004   121,326

Observer Awards—2006

AAVSO 95th Spring Meeting, Rockford, Illinois, May 6, 2006

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval   Total

Over 200,000 Observations (visual only)
  Wayne M. Lowder                       USA              1949–2005  209,439

Obserer Awards—2007

AAVSO 96th Spring Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 1, 2007

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval   Total

Over 150,000 Visual Observations*
  Gerald P. Dyck                        USA              1978–2006  152,754

Observer Awards—2008

Observer Awards—2008

AAVSO 97th Spring Meeting, Cambridge, England, April 13, 2008

  Award/recipient         Affiliation*  Country          Interval     Total

Over 250,000 Visual Observations*
  Albert F. Jones                   14  New Zealand      1960-2007    277,351

Over 200,000 Visual Observations*

Digitizer Awards

The American Association of Variable Star Observers proudly recognizes the following persons for their invaluable contributions of digitized historical variable star observation to the AAVSO International Database.

Presented at the 104th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, Woburn, Massachusetts, November 14, 2015

10,000 observations digitized

Christian Froeschlin

15,000 observations digitized

Bruno Billiaert

100,000 observations digitized

Kevin Paxson

Observer Awards—2012

AAVSO 101st Spring Meeting, Big Bear, California, May 22-24, 2012

Award/Recipient     Affiliation* Country       Interval    Total

Over 200,000 Visual Observations*
  Rod Stubbings              14  Australia     1997-2011   200,709
  John Bortle                    USA           1963-2011   200,000

Observer Awards—2011

AAVSO 100th Spring Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, May 21-26, 2011

    Award/recipient               Affiliation*  Country       Interval    Total

Over 450,000 Visual Observations*
                    Albert Jones            14  New Zealand   1960-2010   463,657

Observer Awards—2010

AAVSO 99th Spring Meeting, Mendoza, Argentina, April 15–28, 2010; 
awards presented or announced at the 99th Annual Meeting, 
Woburn, Massachusetts, October 30, 2010

    Award/recipient                     Affiliation*   Country        Interval    Total

Over 300,000 Visual Observations*

Over 250,000 Visual Observations*

Over 200,000 Visual Observations*

Over 150,000 Visual Observations*
                    Rod Stubbings                  14  Australia       1997–2009  173,519             

Charles Scovil Receives Peltier Award from Astronomical League

This Award is provided by the Astronomical League and Meade Instruments For
Amateur Astronomers who contribute astronomy observations of lasting

Given To

Berto Monard's GRB Award

GRB030725: An Amateur Discovery in a Professional Field

Berto Monard, an AAVSO member and observer, is the first amateur to discover the afterglow to a GRB before the professional community. While many afterglows have been imaged by amateurs, including the famous GRB030329, this is the first time an afterglow was discovered and published by an amateur.


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