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Software that exports AAVSO format willmcmain 1 year 33 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 214: 0557-23 Supernova 1995ad in NGC 2139 AND 0059+53 Nova Cas 1995 AND Observations of 0409-71 VW Hyi and 0749+22 U Gem AND Fading of 1544+28a R CrB AND Change of Julian Date to 2450000 and AAVSO Data Entry Program [V723 Cas] weo 2 years 19 weeks ago Page
VPhot SXN 15 weeks 2 hours ago Page
Software Agreement RebeccaTurner 5 years 43 weeks ago Page
Software Directory kqr 39 weeks 17 hours ago Page
WinWWZ kqr 4 years 49 weeks ago Page
Transform Generator (TG) -- (Version 5.10) BSJ 12 weeks 1 day ago Page
SID Data Grabber BSJ 44 weeks 3 days ago Page
Variable Star iPhone App Now Free Aaron Price 4 years 46 weeks ago Page
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