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solar observing

Title Posted Bysort icon Updated/commented date Type
SunEntry - A sunspot data entry program BSJ 3 weeks 1 day ago Page
Dances with Wolfs: A Short History of Sunspot Indices Matthew Templeton 16 weeks 12 hours ago Page
Solar Bulletin Matthew Templeton 5 days 12 hours ago Page
AAVSO Solar Section Update for 2013 Matthew Templeton 1 year 21 weeks ago Page
The Gyrator III VLF Receiver Matthew Templeton 2 years 26 weeks ago Page
The Zurich Classification System of Sunspot Groups Matthew Templeton 3 years 2 days ago Page
Solar News Matthew Templeton 1 year 21 weeks ago Page
What are sunspots? Matthew Templeton 2 years 19 weeks ago Page
SID Database Matthew Templeton 5 days 11 hours ago Page
Accuracy and Consistency in the Production of the American Sunspot Number (Ra) Matthew Templeton 35 weeks 11 hours ago Page
AAVSO Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Program Observers Matthew Templeton 2 years 5 weeks ago Page
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