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solar observing

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AAVSO Solar Section Update for 2013 Matthew Templeton 2 years 8 weeks ago Page
The Gyrator III VLF Receiver Matthew Templeton 3 years 14 weeks ago Page
The Zurich Classification System of Sunspot Groups Matthew Templeton 3 years 39 weeks ago Page
Solar News Matthew Templeton 2 years 9 weeks ago Page
What are sunspots? Matthew Templeton 3 years 6 weeks ago Page
SID Database Matthew Templeton 1 week 3 days ago Page
Accuracy and Consistency in the Production of the American Sunspot Number (Ra) Matthew Templeton 1 year 22 weeks ago Page
SunEntry - A sunspot data entry program BSJ 42 weeks 5 days ago Page
AAVSO Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Program Observers Matthew Templeton 30 weeks 3 days ago Page
Dances with Wolfs: A Short History of Sunspot Indices Matthew Templeton 1 year 3 weeks ago Page
Solar Bulletin Matthew Templeton 1 week 3 days ago Page
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