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Title Posted Bysort icon Updated/commented date Type
AAVSO Special Notice #222 weo 3 years 43 weeks ago Page
Alert Notice 251: 1903-50 Supernova 1998dq in NGC 6754 AND Rare outburst of the TOAD-type cataclysmic variable 1626+21 V592 Herculis AND Fading of 1544+28A R Coronae Borealis AND Request for observations of 0409-71 VW Hydri and 0749+22 U Geminorum weo 32 weeks 6 days ago Page
Alert Notice 214: 0557-23 Supernova 1995ad in NGC 2139 AND 0059+53 Nova Cas 1995 AND Observations of 0409-71 VW Hyi and 0749+22 U Gem AND Fading of 1544+28a R CrB AND Change of Julian Date to 2450000 and AAVSO Data Entry Program [V723 Cas] weo 32 weeks 6 days ago Page
Alert Notice 281: 0829+28 Supernova 2001bg in NGC 2608 (Cancer) AND Reminder - observations requested for 0803+62 SU UMa being observed with RXTE AND Possible planetary transits of 2248-14 IL Aquarii = Gliese 876 weo 32 weeks 6 days ago Page
New Sequence for SN2011B SXN 3 years 24 weeks ago Page
Supernova 2011fe: La supernova más brillante de los últimos 20 años Sebastian Otero 2 years 51 weeks ago Page
Alerta de AAVSO 495: Brillante supernova de tipo Ia PSN J09554214+6940260 y campaña de observación Sebastian Otero 31 weeks 5 days ago Page
Aviso Especial de AAVSO #337 (actualizado): supernova brillante de tipo Ia en la galaxia NGC 5643 (Lupus) Sebastian Otero 1 year 28 weeks ago Page
SN 2011fe Matthew Templeton 2 years 34 weeks ago Page
Special Notice #250: Possible Type-Ia Supernova in M101 Matthew Templeton 3 years 1 week ago Page
Special Notice #318: SN 2012hr, a Type Ia supernova prior to maximum Matthew Templeton 1 year 34 weeks ago Page
Special Notice #256: Request for fast optical time series of SN 2011fe Matthew Templeton 2 years 44 weeks ago Page
The Nova/Supernova Award M.Saladyga 1 year 23 weeks ago Page
Supernova Photometry Chat with Dr. Michael Richmond kqr 2 years 50 weeks ago Page
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