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AAVSO Alert Notice 566: Beta Pic observations requested for BRITE-Constellation

January 31, 2017 : The BRIght Target Explorer-Constellation (BRITE-Constellation) satellite suite is obtaining high-precision photometry of selected very bright (mv < 4) stars. Its purpose is to investigate the "stellar structure and evolution of the brightest stars in the sky and their interaction with the local environment." The AAVSO is part of the BRITE-Constellation Ground Based Observations Team (GBOT), supporting cutting-edge science from the BRITE-Constellation satellites and coordinating with BRITE-Constellation scientist Dr.

Alert Notice 350: Exoplanet Transit Search For GJ 436

June 6, 2007

Object: 1137+27 GJ 436
    RA (2000)       DEC           V         B-V    V-Rc   Rc-Ic    V-Ic
11:42:11.58 +26:42:17.7  10.702  1.489  1.073  1.349  2.462


Dr. Greg Laughlin (UC Santa Cruz/Lick Observatory & has requested help in observing GJ 436 to look for transits of previously detected and undetected extrasolar planets.

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