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Z Andromedae

Prepared by Kerri Malatesta, AAVSO Technical Assistant.


CH Cygni

The variable star CH Cygni lies in the constellation Cygnus just under the western wingtip of the swan.

CI Cygni

CI Cygni's Days of Discovery

AH Leonis

The Unusual RR Lyrae Star AH Leo


XZ Cygni

The Impulsive XZ Cygni

The constellation Cygnus

Supernova 1987A


SN<br />

T Pyxidis

Enjoy the Silence


RS Ophiuchi

ophiuchus.jpgLocated in the equatorial constellation of Ophiuchus lies the variable RS Ophiuchi. RS Oph belongs to the cataclysmic variable (CV) class of stars, and is further classified as belonging to a smaller, seemingly "exclusive" group of CVs termed recurrent novae (NR) - of which there are only 7 confirmed members.

U Scorpii

The recurrent nova U Scorpii


Delta Scuti and the Delta Scuti variables

This summer's Variable Star of the Season is delta Scuti and the class of variables which carries its name. Because they are low amplitude variables, they will be challenging to visual and CCD observers alike, but we hope it's a challenge you will all enjoy! A diverse class of very short period stars, the delta Scuti variables have something for everyone. Some have amplitudes of nearly one magnitude and regular light curves like some of the RR Lyrae stars and Cepheid variables.


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