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GK Persei

The New Star of the 20thCentury

GK<br />
Nova Remnant GK Per

Novae (2012 edition)

This season, we're trying something different for our Variable Star of the Season feature.  For the January 2012 edition, we asked former AAVSO Councillor Dr.


UX Ursae Majoris

The Eclipsing Nova-Like Variable UX Ursae Majoris

UX UMa<br />

VW Hydri

VW Hydri: Tops in the Dwarf Nova Superlatives

SU Ursae Majoris

Discovered in 1908 by L. Ceraski of Moscow, the variable SU Ursae Majoris is located near the tip of the nose of the Great Bear constellation of Ursa Major, about 3° northwest of the bright star omicron Ursae Majoris. SU UMa belongs to the dwarf nova class of cataclysmic variable stars (CVs), being similar to U Geminorum, SS Cygni, and Z Camelopardalis subtypes in terms of the physical system.

WZ Sagittae

WZ Sge is in Rare Superoutburst!

WZ Sge Outburst
WZ Sge went into a rare outburst on July 23, 2001. At bottom right, star appears about 1.5 mag. fainter as on Aug 10.8 UT.

IP Pegasi

Then with nostrils wide distended,            
Breaking from his iron chain,            
And unfolding far his pinions,            
To those stars he soared again.            
Longfellow's "Pegasus in Pound."

AM Herculis

A man's friends are his magnetisms.
                 Emerson. Conduct of Life: Fate
AM Her<br />

U Geminorum





SS Cygni

"The stars that have most glory, have no rest." -Samuel Daniel in History of the Civil War


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