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Z Camelopardalis

Astro-1<br />
Official Patch Astro-2 in space


EX Hydrae

Meet EX Hydrae

RY Sagittarii

Rebels With a Cause?

R Coronae Borealis

Prepared by Kate Davis, AAVSO Technical Assistant, Web - January 2000

The Enigmatic R Coronae Borealis...


Mu Cephei

Mu Cephei - A Most Beautiful Object

Z Ursae Majoris

Prepared by Kate Davis, AAVSO Technical Assistant, Web - March 2000


EU Delphini

EU Delphini and the Small-Amplitude Pulsating Red Giants

Pulsating Red Giant Stars

Alpha Orionis (Betelgeuse)

Atmosphere of Betelgeuse - Alpha Orionis
Hubble Space Telescope - Faint Object Camera
January 15, 1996; A. Dupree (CfA), NASA, ESA

V725 Sagittarii

The Remarkable Transformation of V725 Sgr


W Hydrae

Near the tail end of the expansive constellation of Hydra the sea serpent resides the bright southern semiregular-type variable star W Hydrae. The period of W Hya is just shy of a year at 361 days. Based on over 3,400 observations in the AAVSO International Database, the variable has a magnitude range of 5.7-10.0, making W Hya a great star for observers with binoculars and/or small telescopes who can observe to -28 degrees declination.



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