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RU Virginis

The Mira variables exhibit some of the most dramatic behavior of all variable stars. For just that reason, they were among the earliest variable stars discovered and followed by astronomers trying to understand how our universe works. Four centuries after their discovery, the Mira variables remain one of the most challenging variable star classes to understand. All Miras are dying stars, soon to shed most of their mass, leaving only a white dwarf behind.

R Hydrae

Once, Twice, Three Times a Variable Star!

A page from Hevelius' 1690 Uranographia star atlas, which shows the then unknown variable, R Hya, to be a faint star in the tail of Hydra. Click on the above image for an enlarged view.

R Leonis

Flexing Some Variable Star Muscle


R Cygni

R Cygni's Place in AAVSO History


Mira Revisited

Prepared by Kerri Malatesta, AAVSO Technical Assistant - Winter 2006

Omicron Ceti (Mira)

Prepared by Aaron Price - December 1998


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