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WZ Sge star

Special Notice #390: New possible WZ Sge variable ASASSN-14jv

November 10, 2014: Astronomer's Telegram (ATel) #6676 (B.J. Shappee et al. 2014) notes the discovery of ASASSN-14jv, a bright optical transient found at V=11.3 on 2014 November 9.19 (JD 2456970.69). This object is suspected to be a cataclysmic variable of the WZ Sge subtype. Shappee et al. note that the source is less than one arcsecond away from a g=19.1 magnitude source in the Kepler Input Catalog, suggesting a large amplitude typical of UGWZ stars.

Special Notice #14: BZ UMa Outburst

June 22, 2006: Based on the following observations, BZ UMa appears to be in outburst:

JUN 22.1986 V 11.36 +/- 0.02 GKA

JUN 22.8854 Unf. 11.5 (rough) VMT

Thanks to Keith Graham (GKA) for discovering the outburst, Tonny Vanmunster (VMT) for confirming it and Eddy Muyllaert (MUY) for bringing it to our attention.

Special Notice #377: Reported outburst of the WZ Sge star AL Comae

December 6, 2013: Observer Carlo Gualdoni reports via the cvnet-outburst mailing list that the WZ Sge-type dwarf nova AL Comae is in outburst, with a magnitude of V=12.74 on 2013 December 6.185 (JD 2456633.1185).  Gary Poyner notes on the BAAVSS mailing list that this is the first observed outburst of AL Com since October 2007.  Both visual observations and CCD time series are encouraged.

Alert Notice 349: Outburst of GW Lib

April 12, 2007


Object: 1514-24 GW LIB

Coordinates: R.A. 15h 19m 55.5s Dec. -25o 00' 25" (2000.0)

Alert Notice 357: Outburst of HS 2331+3905

September 5, 2007

Object: 2328+38 HS2331+390

Coordinates: RA: 23:34:01.55 Dec: +39:21:42.9

Alert Notice 379: Support for Spitzer observations of tremendous outburst amplitude dwarf novae (TOADs)

May 16, 2008 : Dr. Steve Howell (NOAO) requests monitoring of a subset of the known and suspected tremendous outburst amplitude dwarf novae (TOADs) in support of Spitzer Space Telescope observations of these objects. Observers are asked to increase their monitoring of the objects in the table below in support of this campaign.  We note that several of these objects -- notably the WZ Sge stars WZ Sge, GW Lib, and V455 And -- are not expected to superoutburst during the next year, but observations are still encouraged in case they exhibit unexpected behavior.  

Alert Notice 391: Rare Outburst of V358 Lyr

November 23, 2008

Event: Rare outburst of V358 Lyr

Discovered By: Jeremy Shears and Gary Poyner, BAAVSS, from a Bradford Robotic Telescope image.  Confirmed by Shawn Dvorak, Rolling Hills Observatory.

Discovery Magnitude: CV=16.11 +/- 0.04

Discovery Date: November 22.917 UT

Alert Notice 407: Outburst of the UGWZ-type dwarf nova EG Cancri

October 12, 2009

The WZ Sge-type dwarf nova EG Cancri has been reported in outburst by Ian Miller (Swansea, Wales).  He reported EG Cnc at m(CV) = 14.3 on 2009 October 12.138 (JD 2455116.638).  Subsequent unfiltered time series observations by Miller reported to the AAVSO confirm EG Cnc at around magnitude 14.3; the star declined by approximately 0.1 magnitudes during the two-hour span of the time series.  Observations of EG Cnc are urgently requested at this time, including visual estimates, CCD photometry, and CCD time-series observations.

Special Notice #365: Correction to AAVSO Special Notice #364

July 19, 2013: In AAVSO Special Notice #364 (
the variable 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957) was stated as being the northern of the pair. It is in fact the SOUTHERN of the pair, and is moving to the northeast.

The coordinates given in Special Notice #364 were correct and are repeated here for your convenience.


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