Quick Look data for n aql 05:

 The data in this file are RAW DATA. They are exactly as they have been submitted by    
 the observers. They have not been processed or checked to pass the strict quality      
 control of the AAVSO. Thus, they may contain typographical errors or data that fall    
 outside of the average magnitude for a given star and time. Once those data have been  
 processed and checked, they will be part of the AAVSO International Database.          
                 DO NOT USE THESE DATA FOR SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION.                      
 Please send any questions to aavso@aavso.org                                           
Symbols may include:  < = fainter than magnitude given (variable not seen)
                      : = uncertain
                    CCD = Charge-coupled device (unfiltered)
                   CCDV = Charge-coupled device with (V) filter
                   CCDB = Charge-coupled device with (B) filter
                   CCDR = Charge-coupled device with (R) filter
                   CCDI = Charge-coupled device with (I) filter
                     CR = Charge-coupled device (unfiltered) and reduced
                           using R magnitude sequence
                     CV = Charge-coupled device (unfiltered) and reduced
                           using V magnitude sequence
                   PEPB = Photoelectric (B)
                   PEPH = Photoelectric (H)
                   PEPJ = Photoelectric (J)
                   PEPV = Photoelectric (V)
                     PV = Photovisual
                    PTG = Photographic
  GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE/RED = visual observation with green, yellow, blue,
                           or red photographic filter

Observations both made and received after June 1, 2006. For earlier observations use the Lightcurve Generator. Name Date JD Mag Obsrvr Codes | Lightcurve | Charts | Observer Comments