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chart problem

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chart problem


I have a general problem with the chart plotter tool. It doesn´t show any magnitudes. Furthermore, all stars in the field are shown (no magnitude limit) and the resolution is terrible. The variable star often overshines the others. Can anyone help me?

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Could you please provide the

Could you please provide the AAVSO Chart number in the upper right corner of the chart (a combination of letters and digits). This will allow retrieving the exact chart which you are having trouble with.

Sounds like some parameters in the plotting tool are not being chosen right.



Thanks for your quick answer.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Here´s an example: X24439UP

I can´t load any bigger charts because the loading takes to long.

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Hi Cristoph:

Is this some new issue or is this the first time you've looked for a chart? Your profile mentions a registration date of 5/25/2019? At first glance, many of the things you mention, may be thought to be true. It takes a bit of interpretation/understanding of chart information and procedure.

Were you looking for a chart of a particular variable star? What field of view were you interested in? Exactly where did you look/ask for a chart? What sort of an internet connection do you have?

Sorry, if none of my questions are correct?




I´ve signed up in Februrary, but I changed my password yesterday. That could be the reason of my registration date. I´m new in this field of astronomy and trying to get a overview of all kinds of variables. I always worked with ,,normal" charts like X24309AVZ. Today it´s working again and I can´t find any parameters to reproduce the problematic chart, so it could have been the internet. But if I follow the given chart number, I still get the chart I´ve been writing about. Because the search by parameters is working, I don´t think I need more help. Thanks for your quick answers and tolerance of my bad English knowledge ;).

(I´ve uploaded a picture of the wrong chart if anyone is interested in how it looks on my PC :))


File upload: 
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Chart with DSS Image

Hi Cristoph:

There is nothing "wrong" with your chart X24439UP. It just has a DSS Image background rather than the more typical plain chart background.  That option must have been checked. Thus it shows the DSS image of a very bright and saturated Eta Aql in the center with a diffraction pattern. The FOV is also small (10 minutes) so there are no useful comps that close for this very bright star. You need to look at a 900 min FOV chart to find some relatively bright nearby comps. There are times when the VSP gets confused if you fill in other fields on the chart page and then subsequently change it. I had to get "out" and log in to fix a similar problem with Eta Aql.

So give Eta Aql another try in VSP and see if it works this time?


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Eta Aql

Try X24449AYT. That's a 10° field down to mag 8. Not sure what orietatio you need but that's easy enough to change.
But for  a star that bright, maybe a 15° field like X24440AYU.



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