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Charts and Sequences Update December 2010

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The following is a list of chart updates since October 1, 2010. 
Many of these are substantial revisions to the sequences.
If you observe any of these stars you should probably update your charts.
BU And substantial revision
RS And new sequence
Y And revised sequence
R Aql revised sequence
U Aql new sequence
ER Aqr new sequence
RW Aqr revised sequence
W Aqr revised sequence
T Ari extended sequence
1RXS J063631.9+353537 Aur new sequence
RS Aur updated sequence
SV Aur updated sequence; same field ast RS Aur
U Aur revised sequence
V552 Aur new sequence
X Aur revised sequence
RX Boo revised sequence
RU Cam additional comps
V Cam revised sequence
HT Cas minor revision
S Cas revised sequence
V553 Cen new sequence
AE Cep new sequence
DO Cep new sequence
RR Cep revised sequence
RT Cep major revision
TZ Cep new sequence
UY Cep more major revision
R Cet revised sequence
S Cet revised sequence
SW Cet revised sequence
W Cet revised sequence
Z Cet revised sequence
R Cnc revised sequence
1RXS J213344.1+510725 Cyg new sequence
CG Cyg add to sequence
CS Cyg minor, cosmetic change
RW Cyg extend sequence
V0439 Cyg new sequence
V2306 Cyg revised sequence
WR 142 Cyg new sequence
WY Cyg revised sequence
AG Dra minor revision
RY Dra sequence extended
SS Dra new sequence
TT Dra add & update seq
UX Dra revised sequence
SS Gem revised sequence
WY Gem new sequence
SX Lac additional comps
RY Lyr revised sequence
FZ Ori new sequence
HS 2133+0513 Peg new sequence
RZ Peg revised sequence
T Peg major revision
W Peg revised sequence
RU Per revised sequence
U Per revised sequence
W Per revised sequence
PY Per remove redundant mag
 VSX J012059.6+325544 Psc placeholder seq for now
AO Ser new sequence
WZ Sge minor revision
T UMi revised sequence
1RXS J070407.9+262501 new sequence
NSV 1436 new sequence
For a full listing of all the sequence revisions made since December 2008  (724 of them!) you can visit:
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