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Charts for sale?

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Charts for sale?

Hey ... does the AAVSO still sell charts?  I am about to revise a variable star webpage that says you can buy AAVSO charts for 25-cents each, but with /vsp/ the AAVSO stopped doing that, right?

Rick Huziak (HUZ)

(Sorry for my long absence - I'm still alive ...)

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AAVSO charts are free

Hi Rick,

Charts are free from the Variable Star Plotter at

The only time we would charge would be if someone wanted us to print out and postal-mail them a flock of charts, to cover the postage, paper, and staff time.

Clear skies,


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AAVSO charts are free

Hi Elizabeth ... long time no write (me, not you.)

So ... is the AAVSO's policy for what you would charge for this service up on the webpage somewhere,, or is this basically quotable at the time of order?  (I can't imaging a demand for pay-for charts anymore, not profitable.)

I would certainly, these days, direct almost everyone to the "free" charts (and I do, of course encouraging them to either submit data, or better yet, to join and support the AAVSO and submit their data.)

:-) rick (HUZ)

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