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CHOICE Course Links

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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CHOICE Course Links

The fact that the CHOICE courses is a on the banner is good. But, a suggestion: The link to the CHOICE Courses being offered is obscure to say the least. The yellow highlighted "2018 Course Schedule and Registration" should link to the course schedule, not an obscure "click here" in the body of the fee paragraph. (IMO the use of "click here" should be avoided when possible.)

Thanks for considering this,

Ed Wiley (WEY), CHOICE instructor

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CHOICE Course links

Hi Ed,

I feel your pain.

The problem is that the old code we used to use for paying for CHOICE courses broke and unless we include two separate links - one for members and one for non-members - we have no way to sort them out cleanly. The course schedules are actually on two separate webpages with the members-only page charging $35 and the non-member page charging $60 (also VPhot is only for members). Hopefully, someday we will find a way to re-write the code in Django so that, just as with some of our other apps, it will know if the person who is logged on is a member or not and charge them accordingly.

In any case, I altered the text a bit to remove the "click here" part. Does this work better?

Many thanks, Sara

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