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CHOICE Course for New Visual Observers

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CHOICE Course for New Visual Observers

Dear New Member/Observers,

AAVSO is offering a new CHOICE course for beginning visual observers,

called Visual Observing Basics. This course will use the AAVSO Visual

Observing Manual as its primary text. We will cover variable stars,

basic equipment, how to make observations and submit data, plotting

VSO charts, planning an observing session and many other topics. This

course is highly recommended for anyone just starting out in visual


For more information on CHOICE see

The course is scheduled to begin March 18 and there are still places

in the class.

The cost of the course is $30.00 US.

You can sign up at

To successfully complete this section of the CHOICE in Astronomy,

Visual Observing Certification you must submit all four quizzes on

time, participate in discussions and submit two observations within

0.2 magnitudes of the median for the current AAVSO light curve of your

stars. This means you will need to be a registered user of the AAVSO

website and you must be assigned an AAVSO observer code. Instructions

for obtaining those will be provided.

You will probably need to spend an hour a day reading and perhaps

another 30 minutes to an hour reading and posting comments to the

discussion forum. You also need to make a couple observations and have

them evaluated. There is no time like now to learn how to do this!

If you have taken a visual observing CHOICE course before, you know

how much fun it can be to learn and share the experience with your

fellow AAVSO member observers. If you haven't tried this before, I'm

certain you will feel it is worth far more than you're paying and it

will be just one of many classes you will decide to take to make your

observing more exciting, interesting and fun.

I hope you decide to join us.

See you in the forum,


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Sounds like another home run for CHOICE!

I was very impressed with the quality of the CHOICE course I took. I know this one will be just as excellent. Thanks so much for offering this - they are a great opportunity for observers young and not so young to hone their skills. It might also be a great refresher for anyone who has been out of the game for a while and wants to get their eyeballs back into shape!



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