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Citizen Sky Images & Song

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Citizen Sky Logo

   Citizen Sky Logo for light backgrounds and dark backgrounds.




Anyone is welcome to use the following materials in their own publications as long as the appropriate license is followed. Feel free to contact us if you would like something customized for your use. All artwork is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Basically that means attribution needs to be given (see below) and derivitative works are allowed as long as they follow the same license.

epsilon Aurigae artwork, by Brian Thieme:

Please credit the use of this artwork with: "By Brian Thieme and courtesy". 


 epsilon Aurigae artwork by Nico Camargo:



Please credit the use of this artwork with: "By Nico Camargo and courtesy".


The latest illustration of eps Aur from Aesthetic Solutions team leader, Nico! (Click thumbnail for full-sized version.)

Please credit the use of this artwork with: "By Nico Camargo and courtesy"




Song Titled "We Are the Stars" composed for Citizen Sky by Bob Miller.

Please credit the use of this song with: "By Bob Miller and courtesy"

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