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CK Cyg

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CK Cyg

This is a weird one. Discovered in 1923, and given a non-too-accurate position at the time, type is given as NC (basically a slow nova). Occasionally NC stars have turned out to be FU Ori objects so I am keeping a personal watch on this region. The Downes and Shara atlas, because of the rough coordinates given in the literature, simply draws a circle around the assumed position of the star, and the DSS image shows a very faint object at the position, which is given as:

19 53 34.47, +56 59 09.7 although I take it this is just a calculation from the original, so is to be taken with some skepticism. I attach a quick capture from DSS (inverted).

If anyone else is interested I shall draw up a sequence, 15mv to about 11mv.


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Maybe an archival plate

Maybe an archival plate somewhere (Harvard?) caught it in outburst?


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sounds like a nice search for

sounds like a nice search for someone!

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