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What happened to the LPV Circular?

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What happened to the LPV Circular?

I haven't seen it in a few weeks. It usually was delivered on Thursdays. Technical problems?


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Tim: Thanks for noticing! 


Thanks for noticing!  And I don't say that ironically. It's always nice to know that you folks are really using what we're providing.

The LPVNet and CVNet originally got caught up in the migration to the cloud. I worked on that migration last week and now think there is a software configuration or version bug that I have to pin down.

Unfortunately, today was taken up by a RAID disk crash on Occam, so that is something I have to look at tomorrow.  :-)
Doc Kinne
Astronomical Technologist, AAVSO

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Thanks Doc

Good to know that it'll be back eventually.


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Thanks for the return of the LPV Circular

Hi Doc,

Just wanted to say thanks for fixing this and let you know that I noticed the return of the LPV Circular also!

Thanks again,


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LPV Circular

Do you have any idea when it will be back?

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