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VSP API returning same image and ignoring "prinatable" variable

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VSP API returning same image and ignoring "prinatable" variable

Hello all,

Today I have noticed that Variable Star Plotter API is returning same image and completly ingnoring "printable" parameter.

Example request:

Those two request are returning same image of selected FOV, while first one should return 75dpi and second one 150dpi version of image. Also, sending request to:

Returns broken page. I guess that png image is injected into HTML and not returned for itself.


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Add a resolution as well


If you add a resolution query string attribute then things should work:

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Documentation should be updated

Thank you for workaround. :) It will be very helpful to display higher resolution charts in software.

So, problem is easily solvable, but I think that documentation should describe that parameter. Also, documentation part which says: "If yes is specified, it will have a resolution of 150dpi and the header and footer HTML code will not be displayed." should be edited or API itself should be fixed.

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