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YSO database up-databased!

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YSO database up-databased!

Along with other updates, I have just run through the existing database for YSO programme stars and had a clear-out. Many stars that previously only had "pox" (not 'poxy') sequences have now been blessed with official ones, and some stars have turned out not to be YSO at all (WX Sco is a mira, for instance). This latter group have been deleted from the DB, though their charts are still there - you never know, that star thought to be a YSO, then recategorised as another type, might turn out to be YSO after all. Stranger things have happened.

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  Looks great, Mike! I hope

  Looks great, Mike! I hope to be outside and starting regular observations of the YSO targets in Cygnus and Cepheus soon. My work schedule and the dismal weather here has been keeping me away from the eyepiece for months.

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