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Transient in Hercules = MASTER OT J175924.12+252031.7

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Transient in Hercules = MASTER OT J175924.12+252031.7

The discovery of a bright (mag 12.8 unfiltered) transient in Hercules has been announced by V. Vladimirov et al. in ATel #6059 (

The object has brightened at least 8 magnitudes, and the authors reporta red star as a possible progenitor.

Observations of all kinds are encouraged. Spectroscopy is needed for determining the nature of this object.

Good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Robin Leadbeater
low resolution spectra

Three low resolution spectra from last night all showing blue continuum with H alpha emission (also reported to CBAT transient object followups page)     (Paolo Berardi)     (Christian Buil)       (Robin Leadbeater)




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