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Edit Function and delete function for original post

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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Edit Function and delete function for original post

It would be very helpful if the original person who posted something could edit or delete it. Case in point, I misspelled Geir's name in an original post and did not realize it until I hit the button. So, I had to reply rather than simply edit. Yes, I should have been more careful and I will try to be moe careful in the future. But given that we can edit replies, I wonder why not original posts so long as it is the person who originated the post.?


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Ed, I've just made some

Ed, I've just made some changes to the permissions that should let people edit their own forum topics. Let me know if it's working for you.

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editing and correcting

Hi: Thanks. I thought that it was just me under This is a nice website. When I get the time I will try to edit out my mistake.  Best. 

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