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ASAS3 (All Sky Automated Survey)

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ASAS3 (All Sky Automated Survey)

Ok Guys and Gals,


I have been working with the list of LPV stars breaking down the observation by year and determine which observations are visual and which are digital.  I do my breakdown by what the observer reports, thus if they put down vis it goes into the visual column, if it is V it goes into the digital column.  I assume that all self reporting is correct; however I am running into a problem with ASAS3 data.  Sometimes it is reported as Vis data and sometimes it is reported as V data.  SO my question is in 2003 were they actually doing visual observations?  If not I am going to have to re-evaluate some of the data.  The only other problem is that sometimes someone put n/a in for the data type.  Fortunately there is a very small number of such data and I discard it for the analysis.

I have hopes of my analysis completed by the November meeting of the AAVSO where I will present a poster.

Cheers and clear skies from cloudy New England

Bob Dudley

Matthew Templeton
More information?

Hi Bob,

I just checked the live AID database, and the only data marked as being from ASAS3 are all CCD -- overwhelmingly V-band but with a handful marked Cousins I.

What data or files are you looking at that's telling you something is from ASAS3 and visual?


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More Information

I was using AID to determine the number of observations, both visually and digitally, for the list of legacy long period variables.  Some of the variable stars have ASAS3 data listed both under visual and digital observations.  Comparison of the Julian Data showed that the two sets of data were unique.  After reading thru the ASAS web page I concluded that early on that the data may have been accidently entered as Vis instead of V. 


Cheers and Clear Skies



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Mystery Solved!

The mystery has been solved and the data are fine. Thanks for your help in sorting it out Bob!

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