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New FU Ori type variable: 2MASS J06593158-040527

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New FU Ori type variable: 2MASS J06593158-040527

The outburst of 2MASS J06593158-040527 was discovered by T. Kojima on 2014-11-03.821 UT at mag 11.0. The object was already visible on archival images taken on 2014-09-22.765 (mag 11.5) and 2014-10-06.792 (mag 11.2). However, nothing was visible at the position on archival images taken from 2012-10-25.767 to 2014-03-03.489 (limiting mag about 13).

More details: ATEL 6770, ATEL 6797

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2MASS J060593158-0405277


last night, after a long cloudy period I observed 2MASS J06593158-0405277.


Here my observation:

20141216 21:30 UT   11.7 Vis

317/1500mm Newton V = 170x

Best Regards


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