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Anomalous Behaviour of SU UMA ?

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Anomalous Behaviour of SU UMA ?

             Having decided not to go into super-outburst; SU UMA appears to have done, just that. Is such vacillation normal, or anomalous? The super-outburst we observed in April 2012, didn't exhibit this behaviour! Comments welcome, please.


                                                                Bill Wilson.

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Hello Bill,

Sometimes a normal outburst can 'trigger' a superoutburst, which is what appears to have happened with SU UMa here.  It's not common, but nor is it rare.  Stuff happening like this is why I observe CV's - expect the unexpected!

Happy New year!


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Re Trigger.

Thanks Gary.


I should have got myself up this morning, but couldn't face the brilliant moonlight, or the cold. Also, was sure SU had gone for the time being! Like you say - “expect the unexpected”




Best of the New Year to you, too.

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