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Possible 8.2 mag nova in Scorpius

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Possible 8.2 mag nova in Scorpius
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Bright transient in Sco (PNV J17032620-3504140)

AAVSO Special Notice #397 reports on the discovery of a bright transient (8.2 unfiltered) in Sco. Please see the notice for details.

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Sebastian Otero
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Astrometry needed

High resolution images are needed to confirm the identification because there are two objects of similar magnitude (~16.5) 5" apart here and any of the two could be the variable.

The original report points to one of them but the most recent position points to the other one. This latest identification has been adopted in VSX (the object is now in the database, click here) but we need confirmation.

If this is the outbursting object, it is a large proper motion star.
Report your astrometry here.


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Hi friends, At Feb 12, 07:32

Hi friends,
At Feb 12, 07:32 UT I estimated this object with 9.5 (visual) using comps 92 and 99 from chart 14381LA.


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nova mag 9.5 visual

Jim Jones, when creating the sequence, indicated that this field was highly obscured and reddened.  The visual magnitude of 9.5 might actually be the same effective brightness as the unfiltered 8.2 mag.  If you assume the unfiltered magnitude is roughly equivalent to an Ic magnitude, that will give you an idea of what exposures to use for CCD work.

Keep monitoring this object; nova have a habit of getting brighter.


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