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UCAC4-735-019611 & UCAC4 736-020428

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UCAC4-735-019611 & UCAC4 736-020428

UCAC4-735-019611 & UCAC4 736-020428

This is a bit embarrassing.

Will whom ever made a sequence request for these two targets please contact me.

I saw your request while in another state yesterday and wrote the target names down, however,  when I got home today your request emails were gone.

The sequences are complete and I am hoping that you will see this.  I normally make a direct reply but no email address to do so.

Per Ardua Ad Astra,

Tim Crawford, CTX

Sequence Team

Hello Tim,

Hello Tim,

It was me, Stephen Brincat (AAVSO Code: BSM) that sent the request. I have sent you a PM.

Regards & Thanks,


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