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WASP-1b Transit Parameters

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WASP-1b Transit Parameters

I recently had a chance to observe a transit of WASP-1b.  I compared my observations to the predicted times in ETD, and VSX.  I found much more variation in the prediction parameters (Epoch of mid trans, period and duration) than I have seen for most other exoplanets.  As I did the calculation for the night in question, I found ETD and differed by 3-6 minutes.  However, VSX differed by more than an hour.  I found the transit model I derived from my observations differed by less than a minute from the ETD prediction.

It seems to me that VSX needs to be corrected for this exoplanet.  Does anyone else see similar results?

Attached is the preditions I see.

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I often have difference in

I often have difference in minutes, but there might be two reasons. Sometimes there are exoplanets that need orbital period to be updated. The O-C graph would show a trend when the difference is getting larger on later years. And the other reason might be the prediction time shown in JD without HJD correction.

Sebastian Otero
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VSX ephemeris updated

Hi Cliff,

In this case, it was the first option in Gabriel's post: the elements needed updating.
I have added the most recent information from a 2014 paper to VSX and now the predictions should be much better. Try them.


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Much Better

Thanks Sebastian, much better.


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