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Variable Star app for Android now available

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Variable Star app for Android now available

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Variable Stars for Android is now available in the Play Store -- thanks to all my beta testers for helping me work out some of the issues in the beta version!

Variable Stars is a simple resource to provide a clean interface to access basic information about variable stars that can aid in planning observing sessions or just for general knowledge. 

Features include: 
    • View basic info for any star in the database, including current altitude, location, variable type, spectral type, etc.
    • 9 pre-made lists of variable stars based off of AAVSO's observing sections
    • What's Up: the 200 stars most suited for observing currently at your location (or at the time, date, and location you specify)
    • Search: search the database of over 300,000 variable stars by name, magnitude, constellation, or period

Download the app here

Thanks for reading and clear skies!

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Unknown source

I don't know what Tutuapp is, but the only real place to download the app is direct from the Google Play store - anything else is isn't a legit version and is probably spam or has a virus or something. Also, the note above is a direct copy of one of the app's reviews so I'm thinking this is spam.... :/

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Variable Star app for Android

I install it from Google Play, I will try it !
Thank again!


Spam Removed

Hey Michelle,

The spam here has been deleted as well apologies for any inconvenience. So that we can deal with this in a timely manner if you see any spam in the future don't worry about responding and instead send an email to and we will remove it quickly.


Bert Pablo

Staff Astronomer AAVSO 

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Hello Michelle,


This is a great tool – thank you!! Any plans for an apple version?


Best wishes – clear skies,



Open source? F-droid?

Thanks for making this! Would you consider making it open source and releasing it through for those of us who don't like google?

Bo Dark
It works

For stars with well-know predictability, it would be useful for the app to list expected observed magnitude for any date.  Do database exist generally reflecting future expected apparent brightness?  I'm brand new to AAVSO.  Thank you, BO

variable star app

The initial app was developed for free by a new application development firm near Boston. Their goals were to use it to find a funding mechanism (grants presumably) to create a better app and also to use it as a proof-of-concept for a particular method of app programming they were developing for use in other data intensive science fields. If it was pulled, then it suggests they have decided to focus their efforts on the other fields. This is all conjecture, I haven't spoken to anyone involved in this project in quite a while. It was very nice of them to put the effort into this app that they did. Without a sustainable business model, I don't think it is realistic to expect them to continue to maintain the app.


Get the free version from

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