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New TG V6.3 Release

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New TG V6.3 Release

A new version of TG has been released - TG V6.3 

Detailed installation and support Information is available at

In brief, this version adds the Melotte 111 standard field.


The current supported fields are:

  • M67
  • NGC 7790
  • NGC 1252
  • NGC 3532
  • M11
  • Melotte 111

In addition, this version now runs in either Python 2.7 or Python 3.6.  Previous users can remain with their current installations.  New users are encourage to install the latest Anaconda version using Python 3.6

For Mac users, some users have had problems running TG successfully.  This version has been tested with the latest OSX (High Sierra) and latest Anaconda releases of both Python 2.7 and 3.6.  It runs with one quirk easy to circumvent.  On a Mac, don't maximize any of the windows.  And, when a user stretches a window, strange artifacts appear in the window.  Selecting any of the action boxes on the window clears the problem.

Full details are available at

Email questions to me at

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New TG V6.3 Release

I wonder which of the TG V6.3 supported fields and AAVSO Standard Stars for VPHOT can be used with SLOAN type filters?

TG V6.3 even do not offer transformation coefficients for SLOAN filters.


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TG 6.4 Issues

I just downloaded Anaconda 3.6 and TG6.4 and followed the instruction posted on AAVSO.  When I try to open the TG6.4.pyw file, nothing happens.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I have tried uninstall and re-install a few times.  I have also tried Python 2.7 to no avail.  Any tips?



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TG 6.4

Are you on a Mac or PC?

On a PC, right click on the TG6.4.pyw file, click "Open With" and navigate to Anaconda3/pythonw.exe

If this doesn't work, send me a direct email with a screencapture of you folder setup -

If on a Mac, send me a screen shot of the folder setup.  


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