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Bright nova in Carina?

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Sebastian Otero
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Bright nova in Carina?


Hello everybody,

There is a potential bright nova in Carina.

Please, confirm.
ASAS-SN data are saturated and they only provided an approximate position so both astrometry (to identify the progenitor) and photometry are encouraged.

Report it as ASASSN-18fv.

Best wishes,

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Rod Stubbings confirmed: 6.5 magnitues bright!

Rod Stubbings wrote in [vsnet-alert 22005]:

"Can confirm a very bright object at this position.
ASASSN-18fv 180321.444 65 "

Clear skies,


Andrew Pearce
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Bright nova in Carina

Hi All

I also confirm this nova suspect, although not as bright as Rod.  Observations are in the AID.  There are some problematic comparison stars that observers need to be wary of in the immediate vicinity of the nova suspect.



Nick brown
Nova carina

Nova observed  tonight  JD 2458199.13402  mag approx 5.9. AAVSO chart needs a better sequence.


Nick Brown


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A 12 mag outburst from a young stellar object? (ATel #11456)

"Spectroscopy of the new bright Galactic transient ASASSN-18fv: A 12 mag outburst from a young stellar object?" (ATel #11456):

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ASASSN-18fv: a Classical Nova in the Iron Curtain Phase

Spectroscopic Observations of ASASSN-18fv as a Classical Nova in the Iron Curtain Phase (ATel #11460)

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AAVSO Alert Notice on ASASSN-18fv

AAVSO Alert Notice 626 announces and reports on ASASSN-18fv, the bright nova discovered in Carina. Please see the notice for details and observing recommendations.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Binocular chart for ASASSN-18fv

Binocular chart for ASASSN-18fv can be downloaded from VSP:

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