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RASC AAVSO General Assembly June 13-16 2019

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RASC AAVSO General Assembly June 13-16 2019


Join the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the American Association of Variable Star Observers at the 2019 General Assembly. We will be hosting poster and paper sessions, speakers and social events during the conference. We will also have hands-on astronomy activities open to the public.

On Saturday June 15th, author James R. Hansen will be joining us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. This event is open to the public.

Music: Bensound - Once Again

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I'm looking forward to this

I'm looking forward to this event on both agendas, and I hope there will be an AAVSO papers list available soon.  Thank you!

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Page not found

If I click on register using the lik given in the first post here it comes up with Error 404 page not found.


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Page not found

Hi Josch,

This broken link has now been fixed.


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