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NSVS Flag Codes

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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NSVS Flag Codes

I am compiling all the data I can find via VSX links for an EW variable. The NSVS data have flags, but I cannot find the definitions of the codes. For example, flag 1536 and flag 8192 are common.

I looked up the original paper and found a Wozniak et al (2018) draft which I assume announces the revision release of the 2004 first (?) release but could not find the original 2004 paper. The definitions of these flags might be there, I could not find them in the 2018 draft.

Any standardization of flags between surveys? Anyone know what these flag codes mean? I am assuming they indicate some sort of problem making those data points invalid.

Thanks for any help,


NSVS Flag codes

You can reach the paper by clicking on link Northern Sky Variability Survey, Wozniak, P.R., et al., 2004 on VSX details of NSVS star (references chapter).

Flags are explained in table 2 processing flags.

I think that flags can be the combination of several flags:

For example : flag 1536 = flag 512 (Map of relative photometry corrections was patched to derive correction) + flag 1024 (Low number of points in a macropixel (<10)). 

I put in attachment the  Wozniack 2004 paper.

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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NSVS Flags

Thanks Philippe, just what I needed.


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