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Can't Select Star on Image

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Can't Select Star on Image

This problem has surfaced in the last 24 hours.

Turn computer on. Open chrome and VPHOT. Load image and select target and comparison/check stars. Load photometry report. Click on images in the main menu (not the back button) and load the next image. Now unable to select target star.

Shutdown chrome and reopen and log in again - no change.

Shutdown computer and restart the process - same thing. Able to select target star on the first image but not on subsequent images.

The problem is occuring regardless of the computer I use and regardless if its Win 10 or Win 7.

It is not occuring (? yet) with IE

I suspect this is related to another problem active on the forum regarding multiple file uploads - with which I am also having problems.

The issue is likely related to Chrome rather than VPHOT but not sure how. Flash is turned on

I will try and reinstall Chrome but I suspect that will not solve the issue.

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Flash related issues??

Hi Serge:

Thanks for info. I can confirm that I also saw this issue. However, in chrome, I re-enabled flash (ask/allow) and am currently able to open images, click on individual comps, open their info box, and change from comp to check. I just tried this!  IOW, it is working normally for me.

BUT, I agree that this and similar issues are becoming more prevalent. Disturbing that different browsers act differently. Individual browsers are dealing with the future demise of flash in different ways at different times??   :-(

We are looking into the issue with the hope of correcting the problem. Keep trying different alternatives to allow flash. Report if you find anything that restores your ability to work normally? It is certainly annoying, sorry.


I seem to have fixed this

I seem to have fixed this issue and the issue of light curve not displaying by clearing the browser history, cookies etc. I still cannot select multiple stars for uploading.

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