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Mu Cep

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Mu Cep

I observed Mu Cep visually tonight with my 6" f/8 reflector. 2019/07/26/02/10

It is the reddest I have seen in 46 years of variable star observing. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I hope you visual observers take a look. I would like to hear your impression.

Chris Stephan     SET

Fort Gay, WV

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Mu Cep


Mu Cep

Will do, if the skies stay clear I'll check it out tonight.

Was in the area last night observing T CEP with my 6" F/8 Newtonian. 

Steve Toothman (TST) 

Mu Cep

I've started observing it just yesterday and I must say that I found it incredibly beautiful! I did my estimate and yet kept observing it for almost half an hour. 

Fulvio Baldanza (BFU)


Sounds awesome! As soon as I get a chance.

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