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2020 problem?

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2020 problem?

Web obs not accepting 2020 input?

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Seems ok for me around Jan 01

Seems ok for me around Jan 01 at 11:00 UT.


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2020 problem?

Seems to be working now.  Gremlins?  Thanks lmk.

Soviet Mike
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Errors trying to submit data for Betelgeuse

Last 2 days I cannot send my observations on Betelgeuse to AAVSO and get this error when I click submit. I am really puzzled at it as others are able to send data.

 NOW the crazy part.. I CAN send data using an old apple iPad!    it will connect and send the data! 

I tried everything here on my different PC's.. using XP, Vista, and Win7 -- they allow me to connect, add the info but when I click submit .. BOOM that error comes up. I tried putting in alf Orionis as the star and it could not find it!

File upload: 
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Betelgeuse input error

WebObs won't accept 'Orionis'.  You have to type alf ori.  


Soviet Mike
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Re: Betelgeuse input error


 I did still get the errors..


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Problem Solved!

Turns out that there is nothing wrong with submitting observations for "Betelgeuse" or "alf Ori" - either will work. The culprit in this particular case was an apostrophe in the "Chart ID" field! Unfortunately, WebObs error messages are sometimes misleading.

If anyone has a repeatable problem submitting data via WebObs, the best thing to do is to either post to a forum or write to AAVSO HQ staff directly, making sure to attach either a screenshot showing the completed form before you click "Submit Observation" or the data file you are attempting to upload. It is much easier to troubleshoot a problem when we can see the whole picture.

Best wishes, Sara


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