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Why posting?

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Why posting?


I wonder why I'm still posting messages on the forum... Everytime I post a message none or very few people reply. I find it very sad...




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Your postings

HI Eddy.

I get your posts. I am subscribed to all CV postings in this forum. I reply if the posting is relevant to me in the Southern Hemisphere, and if I can add something of value to the posting. For example SU UMA can't be seen from my place so I don't comment.

But I have found this too at times. No replies.

Kind regards

Stephen [HSP]

Science marches on :-)

Eddy, please don't be sad! This is not one of those chat forums where people constantly reply with pictures of their sausage dog, etc. Like many, I get an email notification when someone posts. If it is not related to the thing I'm currently studying, or if I have nothing to contribute, I keep quiet. I suspect most members do the same!   If you are bored try posting some of your most recent results or images here, especially if you have opinions on your data acquisition method! That will surely draw out the tigers :-)

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Yes, don't be so sad eddy, I too feel the same as Stephen and Ian, there are probably many factors that contribute to this, from what equipment you are limited by, most of us work and what you are interested in. I'm sure there are some more factors also. 


Maybe one suggestion, on the mainpage I see that there are only two active topics displayed at any one time, could this be increased to say 4 or 5? That way i think more people would see a broader range of topics being discussed.

Keith (GKI)



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Hi Eddy, maybe it's because there are to many forums, Facebook, .... where we have to deal with.  And specialy the visual observer is becoming extinct 

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