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Bet Dor

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Bet Dor



I'm new to AAVSO, I was planning for tonight and I came across Bet Dor, did the chart but it seems the only star to compare to is an 8.3 magnitude star (HD37630). How am I supposed to interpolate if there's only one star to compare? there seems to be many other stars surrounding the Bet Dor but there's no magnitude listed so I got lost on that chart. would it be a chart error or am I missign something?

I attach the chart fo rreference.


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No suitable comps nearby

Well, the problem is the nearest 3rd magnitude star is over 8 degrees away! I think its beyond even the A scale chart. Anyways, I think the sequences generally don't go automatically to the really bright comps. You may just have to select them yourself from Tycho2, for example.

Sebastian Otero
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Bet Dor chart

Some naked eye stars like bet Dor have customized charts made in the framework of the Citizen Sky project.
Download the 11 star tutorial for the Southern hemisphere and you will find the chart there.
There are 4 comparison stars to estimate bet Dor's brightness.

I hope it helps.


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