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CCD Photometry Guide now in French!

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CCD Photometry Guide now in French!


Thanks to a lot of hard work by a team of volunteers from both sides of the Atlantic working together, we now have a French translation of the AAVSO Guide to CCD Photometry.  You may download this Guide (free-of-charge) from here.


We would like to send our sincere thanks to:

Manon Bouchard (Canada)
Pierre Cheyssac (GAPRA, France)
Jean-Bruno Desrosiers (Canada)
Jean-Claude Mario (GAPRA, France)
Jean-Bernard Pioppa (GAPRA, France)
Florian Signoret (GAPRA, France)

Please feel free to share this useful translation with anyone you think would benefit from its use.

In addition to English and French, this Guide is also available in Spanish and Greek. If anyone would like to create a new translation in their own native tongue, please contact me directly.


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