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Help with analysis - V2492 Cyg

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Help with analysis - V2492 Cyg

I've been following V2492 Cyg for about 6 years.  In analyzing all the AAVSO data available using Peranso I detect a strong signal at 99.4 days.  I'm wondering if this might be a denser part of the disk revolving around the star.  Any suggestions on how to further the analysis?  The power spectrum is attached below.

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Any idea what the axial

Any idea what the axial inclination is of this object? There don't appear to be any aliases of that 99d period in the spectrum.

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V2492 Cyg

Hi Gordon,

V2492 Cyg is also one of Guy Stringfellow's (Univ. Colo) favorite objects; it has been on the AAVSOnet queue since 2011.  You might contact him to see if the AAVSOnet dataset is available to combine with your own observations to help in the analysis.  What does the light curve look like when phased with the 99d period?


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Phase Plot

Arne and Michael,

Thanks for the feedback.

I don't know and haven't found any papers estimating the axial inclination.

I attached the 99.4 day phase plot below.  Another period (much less well defined) shows up around 1100 days, but there is not enough data to confirm.  But just "eyeballing" the data it seems possible. Also, the phase plot seems to show a couple of other patterns that could represent the periods of other disk masses. If these are real, could one use them to estimate characteristics of the disk? Or maybe these represent surface spots on the star itself...

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