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JAAVSO Volume 44 Number 2 2016 is published

The printed version of this issue will be available soon. Please watch for the announcement on our main web page.

The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 44, Number 2, 2016


The Publishing Landscape: It’s the “Wild West” Out There
John R. Percy    85

Variable Star Research

CCD Photometry and Roche Modeling of the Eclipsing Overcontact Binary Star System TYC 01963-0488-1
Kevin B. Alton    87

Studies of  the Long Secondary Periods in Pulsating Red Giants
John R. Percy, Emily Deibert    94

First Photometric Analysis of the Solar-Type Binary, V428 (NSV 395), in the field of NGC 188
Ronald G. Samec, Jeremy Clark, David Maloney, Daniel B. Caton, Danny R. Faulkner    101

New Observations of V530 Andromedae: a Critical Contact Binary?
Ronald G. Samec, Heather Chamberlain, Daniel B. Caton, Danny R. Faulkner, Jeremy D. Clark, Travis Shebs    108

The High Amplitude δ Scuti Star AD Canis Minoris
Roy Andrew Axelsen, Tim Napier-Munn    119

UY Puppis­—A New Anomalous Z Cam Type Dwarf Nova
Rod Stubbings, Mike Simonsen    128

Discovery and Photometric Analysis of the δ Scuti Variable TYC 2168-132-1
Michael D. Joner, Eric G. Hintz, Giorgio Corfini    131

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star PY Boötis
Edward J. Michaels    137

Two High-Latitude UXORs
Michael Poxon    146

Instruments, Methods, and Techniques

Crowded Fields Photometry with DAOPHOT
Elisabetta Artusi, Giancarlo Conselvan, Antonio Tegon, Danilo Zardin    149

Variable Star Data

50 Forgotten Miras
Thomas Karlsson, Hans Bengtsson, Tomas Wikander, Gustav Holmberg, Robert Wahlström, Chris Allen    156

Recent Minima of 194 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk    164

Review Papers

Variable Stars with the Kepler Space Telescope
László Molnár, Róbert Szabó, Emese Plachy    168

Period Changes and Evolution in Pulsating Variable Stars
Hilding R. Neilson, John R. Percy, Horace A. Smith    179

Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, Held in Burlington, Massachusetts, November 10–12, 2016

Learning from Pulsating Stars: Progress over the Last Century (Abstract)
Horace Smith    196

Miras, Mass Loss, and the Ultimate Fate of the Earth (Abstract)
Lee Anne Willson    196

A Detailed Survey of Pulsating Variables in Five Globular Clusters (Abstract)
Brian W. Murphy    196

Establishing a CCD Light Curve For BW Vul (Abstract)
David Cowall    197

Studying RR Lyrae Stars with Kepler/K2 (Abstract)
Charles Kuehn    197

Unsolved Problems for Main-Sequence Variable Stars Revealed by the NASA Kepler Data (Abstract)
Joyce Ann Guzik    197

Type C Semiregulars and Irregulars:  the Forgotten Pulsating Luminous Stars (Abstract)
David G. Turner    197

Identification of ASAS Ellipsoidal Variables Misclassified as Miscellaneous in VSX (Poster abstract)
Kristine Larsen, Corwin Hoover    197

Utilizing the AAVSO’s Variable Star Index (VSX) in Undergraduate Research Projects (Poster abstract)
Kristine Larsen    198

RR Lyrae in Sagittarius Dwarf Globular Clusters (Poster abstract)
Barton J. Pritzl, Thomas J. Gehrman, Ellyn Bell, Ricardo Salinas, Horace A. Smith, Maircio Catelan    198

A Photometric Study of Three Eclipsing Binary Stars (Poster abstract)
Austin Ryan    198

First Look at Photometric Reduction via Mixed-Model Regression (Poster abstract)
Eric Dose    198

Studying Variable Stars with Undergraduate Students at the University of Nebraska Kearney (Abstract)
William Lee Powell Jr.    199

Photometry and Spectroscopy of V2455 Cygni (Abstract)
Michael D. Joner    199

Exoplanets and Multiverses (Abstract)
Virginia Trimble    199

SLAS Library Telescope Program (Abstract)
James Small     199

Three New Z Cam Stars (Abstract)
Mike Simonsen    199

Converting Differential Photometry Results to the Standard System using Transform Generator and
Transform Applier (Abstract)
Marco Ciocca    200

V571 Lyrae is a Multiple System (Abstract)
Gary Billings    200

The Mystery of V523 Lyrae (Abstract)
Mike Simonsen    200

Eggen Card Project: Progress and Plans (Abstract)
George Silvis, Jack Crast    200


Erratum. Current Light Elements of the δ Scuti Star V393 Carinae
Roy Andrew Axelsen    201

Index to Volume 44    202

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