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LMC V2756 = HD269582 = BAT99 45

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LMC V2756 = HD269582 = BAT99 45

Us four observers of LMC V2756 = HD 269582 = BAT99 45 (me included) need to check the light curve, charts, and each other and decide who's right. The VSP appears correct, but I use a VSS chart by Mati Morel that is better. They don't come more interesting, challenging, and beautiful as this one. Visually, anyway.

Best to all. Alan.

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LMC V2756

I don't observe this star but maybe I should add it to my list. Alan, in what way is Mati's chart better? There is a big jump in brightness from 12-13 up to 9.5-11.5 from 1999-2006 when no-one observed. I assume there would have been a gradual increase in the lightcurve during that period.

Do SDORs have dramatic increases in brightness (eg Eta Car) or is the increase more gradual?

Stephen [HSP]

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