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LPV Section Target Stars

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LPV Section Target Stars

Hi folks, I was just reading the LPV section homepage and noticed a reminder not to forget the five target stars - S CEP, R AUR, T UMI, RS CYG and U UMI. I seem to have missed the original article asking for observations of these stars and I am interested in hearing more about the reasons for selecting these target stars. Could someone kindly direct me to original article? I have a good view of the northern sky, so these would be ideal stars to include in my programme.

Many thanks,

Mick CMY

LPV Section Target Stars

Hi, this page may be the one you're looking for.

Richard CMP

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I don't think that's the one

I don't think that's the one I'm looking for as it says on the September LPV home page that these stars were mentioned "in April" I must have missed something back then.

Cheers, Mick

Andrew Pearce
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LPV Section Target Stars

Hi Mick

There was no detailed page or article as to why these stars were selected. You haven't missed anything.  They are contained in the list from the LPV Humps page and I just selected a subset from the list that would be of interest for northern and southern observers and were reasonable well placed at the time.

I would strongly recommend that these and other LPV's with humps are followed as I believe they will add some real interest to anyone's observing programme.


Andrew Pearce (PEX) 

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Many thanks Andrew. I was

Many thanks Andrew. I was thinking I'd missed an update, but Richard's reply was correct. These stars will definitely be included in my visual programme. 

Thanks again,


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