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New Light Curve Generator(LCGv2): Updates, Questions, & Suggestions

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API interface to LCGv2

Hi Tim,

The short answer is no. LCGv2 does not have this capability yet. However, I am in communication with Francis about this and hopefully he will be able to implement something along those lines.

Thanks, Sara

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API Interface to LCGv2

Hi Tim (and anyone else interested in this capability),

Thanks to LCGv2's developer, Francis Hemsher, we now have available a new feature which will allow you to request a specific lightcurve via query string. In other words, by typing the following into the URL address box on your browser: Sct&fromjd=2457201.875086794&tojd=2457931.875086794&delimiter=@@@

... you can get a fully interactive plot of R Sct!

There are also options to request a simple (non-interactive) plot, to specify what bands you would like to display, and to use JD or calendar date along the X-axis of the plot.

Also, you can see both (interactive and static) versions of the URL needed to duplicate a plot you create in the "Preferences" window as shown here:


Just select the link which you can then copy & paste into a webpage, send by email to a friend, or build into your own software programs.

Your feedback is most welcome!


LCGv2 in VSX

VSX now also links out to the new LCG from the detail sheet of an object using this URL.


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API Interface to LCGv2

First off, I really like the new LCG. The interactive capabilities are wonderful and very useful. I'm still using the old LCG for some things, however, because the API for the new one still isn't quite as flexible. One thing that would really help would be "Plot previous days" parameter. It's exposed in the interactive form for generating a new light curve, so it seems like it shouldn't be too hard. I'd like to be able to say "show the last 200 days," rather than having to compute the current JD/date and current-200 to pass in the URL.

Shawn (DKS) 

New Feature - URL for Light Curve

We have included a URL link address for the specific light curve you have created in the LCG. This is shown under 'Preferences'. Two URLs are shown: Static and Interactive.

The Static URL provides just the image of the light curve. The Interactive URL provides the image of the light curve with all typical LCG user selections.

Note that the Static URL can be used anytime you want to show an image of your light curve in any application,  journals, reports, emails, etc. It automatically adjusts its size calling environment.

Error bars

I just noticed a nit with error bars.

When looking at a plot, if you turn off 'all contributors' and only select one contributor with error bars enabled it does not remove the error bars for the un-plotted data - it removes the points but leaves the bars.

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Observer list incomplete

Try this: Plot LC for star V1454 Cyg for (say) the last 5 days (as of writing this).

Near JD 2458013 you will see a high cadence time series by observer ATE, but this observer is not listed in the box under the plot.


EDIT: After some additional experimentation, I begin to suspect that there is always one observer missing from the box no matter what you input, perhaps the one who's first in alphabetical oder.



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Data not refreshing on "fainter than" data points

Looks like another issue:


If you click on a  data point to display the details in the "Observation data" box, and then click on a "fainter than x" data point, not all items in the "Observation data" box refresh to show the data from the new point, instead you get a mix of entries from the currently selected (fainter-than) point and the previously selected point. I just tested this also on a LC of V1454 Cyg.


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Default settings not my preference

One of the annoying "issues" is it doesn't seem to "save" my defaults that I like, when in the select star box. For example, I prefer Calendar day, not Julian day, and I prefer specific bands (V, Vis, CV) rather than all bands, abd a specific number of days backwards in time, but I always have to take the extra steps to reset these, because the defaults provided when I open the box, are the opposite!


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LCGv2- No error bars in the Box

When Preferences>Error Bars is checked the error bars appear in the initial plot, but they do not appear inside a zoomed in Box. 


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