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new YSO campaign

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new YSO campaign

Just throwing this idea out to gauge the feeling... I have just run a query on a result set from VSX for suspects (overwhelmingly NSV stars) where the type begins with a capital I (so IA, INS etc) and after narrowing the set down have a likely list of about 80 stars suitable for visual observation.

I am aware that many NSV stars are 'dubiously variable' so have selected those with amplitudes in excess of about 0.6mv, though several are accredited with larger A. If anyone is interested I can supply either a CSV list or an access db query.

I will probably start with those NSV stars that are in the same fields as existing YSOs for which we have charts. There is a wide range of brightnesses - even a couple of binocular stars.

Sebastian Otero
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Narrowing down the candidate lists

Hi Mike,
Sorry I did not reply to your message about the UXOR campaign yet. I wanted to have more news to give you and with other tasks and issues that came up the delay become too long!

I have been updating stars classified as E or E: with no periods in VSX the past weeks to get rid of spurious objects and end up with a list of potential UXOR candidates.
In the process I have added periods to some E that ended up as being confirmed EAs and I have also found many semiregular variable stars wrongly classifed as eclipsers (probably that classification was simply based on a few photographic plates showing bright and faint states).
So after I clean up the list I will do a color plot to show the best candidates and get back to you.


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please send me what you have for this and the UXOR campaign.  Thanks.  


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nsv stars latest

OK... none of the stars on the 'small' list are YSO's (had a funny feeling there wouldn't be many!) but now having a bit more time, I shall go through the more extensive list I have here and have a look at the colours to determine if any of them show IR excess. So, on with the deerstalker and out with the magnifying glass.

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