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NGC 1252 Standards now available

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NGC 1252 Standards now available

I've uploaded the results of 23 nights of calibration for NGC 1252, using BSM_South and BSM_Berry.  This is a much sparser field, with only 36 standards shown in a 2-degree area.  In a similar fashion to NGC 3532, this calibration goes from 7<V<11.5 and will be revised sometime later with deeper photometry from OC61.  There was one existing 6.6mag comp star in the field that is also a standard star: 000-BLF-430.  I revised its B/V magnitudes, but couldn't figure out how to add R,I with the VSD editor.  It also is not listed as a "STD_FIELD", as I'm not sure what the current VSP does to stars that are both existing comps as well as new standards.

You can plot NGC 1252 by entering the coordinates 03:10:49.0 -57:46:00.


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Comp star in the NGC1252 std field

The STD_FIELD designation for a VSD star is exclusive: If the star is classed as STD_FIELD then it will not show up as a regular comp star. And the reverse: only stars classed as STD_FIELD will appear when STD_FIELD is requested.

So, in the case of 000-BLF-430 in NGC 1252 noted above, if there is no variable star near by to be serviced, this star should be classed as STD_FIELD so it will be available for calibrations.



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