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PNV J17381927-3725077: new transient (12.4 mag) in Scorpius

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PNV J17381927-3725077: new transient (12.4 mag) in Scorpius


PNV J17381927-3725077

Discoverer: Hideo Nishimura (Shizuoka-ken, Japan)

R.A. 17h38m19.27s  Decl. -37°25'07.7"  (J2000.0)
2016 June 10.629 UT, 12.4 mag (CCD, unfiltered)

"2016 06 10.629 UT
Discovered by H. Nishimura, Shizuoka-ken, Japan using 200-mm f/3.2 lens + a Canon digital camera EOS 5D, who writes nothing is visible at this location on his recent frames taken on 2016 May 14.712, May 18.602 and June 5.532 (Limiting mag = about 13.0) UT using same patrol camera."

Two USNO-B1.0 stars (both about 17 mag) are within 1" of the transient's position.

Spectroscopy, precise astrometry, and time-resolved photometry are required.

Clear skies,

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Hats off to Hideo-san! Wonder why ASASSN and all these mega-survey telescopes failed to catch it?



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I got PNV J17381927-3725077

I got PNV J17381927-3725077 at 12.2 vis at 16:18 11/06 UT. A 3 degree chart plotted on the co-ords gets a sequence. Very difficult because a long way from the transient field.


New sequence for PNV J17381927-3725077

There is a new sequnece available for PNV J17381927-3725077.

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New sequence

Hi Jim,


thanks. Used the new sequence and measured the stars at 11.4 mag using a clear filter (CV).



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PNV J17381927-3725077 is a nova

PNV J17381927-3725077 spectroscopically confirmed
(= "Nova Scorpii 2016")

2016 06 11.65 UT
K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO) obtained a low-dispersion spectrogram (resolution 0.5 nm, range 400-800 nm) of this PNV with the BAO 1.01-m telescope. It has a prominent and broad H-alpha emission line (FWHM about 1800 km/s, equivalent width about 23 nm) and a broad H-beta emission line, which shows that the PNV is a nova in early phase. The spectrum ... is posted at

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Nova Scorpii 2016 = PNV J17381927-3725077
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Alert Notice 544 on Nova Sco 2016

AAVSO Alert Notice 544 announces and reports on Nova Sco 2016. Please see the Notice for recent observations and observing instructions.

Good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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