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Possible faint overlooked Supernova in PGC 409697

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Trygve Prestgard
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Possible faint overlooked Supernova in PGC 409697

Hi all,

While looking in DSS2 images in the Telescopium constellation, I noticed this small "star" only visible in DSS2-Blue images from 1976, situated just on the edge of a small poorly resolved (spiral?) galaxy: PGC 409697. The objects seemed very stellar, and there doesn't seem to be too many artefacts in the DSS2-Blue images. This made me think that it might be a supernova. I've seen quite a few known SNe in DSS images, including SN 1994 N, SN 1994 X and SN 1994 Y, and this one seems very similar.

Here are the coordinates for this *possible* Supernova: 19 04 58.9 -55 24 34.8 (J2000.0). I couldn't find any mention of this object anywhere.

I lack however a Point Spread Function of this object, so it may well be an artefact.

Furthermore, even if this was a real object, I don't hink there is anyway of confirming it being real without a second image, and even this alone wouldn't confirm the nature of the object.

Thought this object was interesting to bring up anyway! :)


Best regards,


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